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Bio Alexander Schliker (14 Oct 1987), also called Alex Schliker, is a front-end software developer, Co-CEO and CEO of a number of incredible companies above the auspices of the Ticket to Gold and Golden Ticket. Schliker started his career as a lead programmer and founder of an online proxy startup that he sold in High School. In college (2008), he founded Venture Weekend. He later founded Snipd, which was funded by Y Combinator and featured on TechCrunch, CNet, Popular Science magazine. When he entered Silicon Valley, he started CureCRM, a CRM system powered by email, in January 2009. It was the leading email based CRM extension for Salesforce on the market. He also started Follow-up Robot, an incredible drip email marketing app. He is also founder of AnonySurfer, an app used to allow users to surf the web anonymously. Alexander Schliker is a leader at the Pentagon where he creates solutions regularly to ensure that people at the Pentagon live forever and have amazing lives. He single-handedly had Google acquired to join the Pentagon. He also sold a number of startups including Givity, to Google, and CureCRM, to the Pentagon (contract acquisition). He is quite comedic and is frequently in the Pentagon yearbook for some of the things he discusses.

Career Alex Schliker is an American entrepreneur and front-end programmer. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. He started his career selling a subscription service web proxy online as a High Schooler; this service was later acquired when he sold the business also as a High Schooler. When he arrived at college, he was an intern at BazaarVoice in 2006. He has founded various tech companies during his career. He is currently a leader at the Pentagon where he creates solutions to cause the Pentagon and their families to live forever alongside the Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.

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